DEPARTMENT OF MANUFACTURING AND AUTOMATION TECHNIQUES / Politechnika Rzeszowska im. Ignacego Łukasiewicza

The beginnings of the present Department of Manufacturing Techniques and Automation of Rzeszow University of Technology date back to 1959, from the project of establishing a metalworking laboratory for the Field Study of Cracow University of Technology in Rzeszow. In 1962, the metalworking laboratory was put into operation and equipped by industrial plants, mainly WSK Rzeszow. In 1986, the Machining and Machine Tools Department was transformed into the Department of Machining and Machine Tools. Due to the further expansion of research and teaching activities, in 1995 its name was changed to the Department of Manufacturing Techniques and Automation (DMTA). The Department carries out education and research in the field of manufacturing techniques (mainly subtractive machining), machines and machining systems as well as their programming and production automation.

Scientific work and teaching activities are currently focused on computer integration of all activities in the technological process of the product in the field of: computer selection of tools and cutting conditions, optimization of machining processes, diagnostics of machining and the condition of tools, computer-controlled machine programming, programming of unconventional technologies, measurements of geometric quantities, computer aided design of machines and devices.

Currently, the Department has 11 modern laboratories that meet the highest standards for conducting research and teaching. The Department employs 32 employees, including: 2 full professors, 2 university professors, 7 assistant professors, 13 assistants and 7 engineering and technical employees.

From 2004 to 2021, Prof. Jan Burek, D.Sc. Eng. was the head of the Department.

Since 2021, the head of the Department is Prof. Andrzej Kawalec, D.Sc. Eng.